Slaves of Sargon

Session 7: Time for Tome

And I thought the cows were bad before...

With the moonstones now in hand the heroes have one mission left before they return to Hanshin and rendezvous with the others: kill the Minotaur seer named Tome.

But before they can make their way toward the villainous Minotaur, a raucous in the street draws their attention. The human slaves are rallying under a Minotaur named Hakaro who claims to have been shown the error of his ways by the spirit of Terius. The heroes listen in and are pleased to see the mini-rebellion set its sights on finishing the destruction of House Azu.

Thrall, in a moment of random bloodlust, kills a nearby alley cat only to discover he has left a kitten orphaned. Feeling guilty about his deed he adopts the creature and would later use it as a surprisingly effective weapon.

The portal to the reservoir is guarded by soldiers in the employ of House Minato. The heroes are outnumbered but use surprise, illusions, and a well-thrown kitten to defeat the guards and their dogs.

Once through the portal, the heroes found that Tome had predicted their arrival. A small group of monstrous minotaurs awaited them. These weren’t your average minotaurs. They were larger, thicker, with gnarled horns, red eyes, and fangs. And to prove these enhancements weren’t just for show, they set upon the heroes straight away.

The beasts are tough and fast, and though the heroes are weary from the days many battles they’re able to destroy the monsters. During the battle Thrall discovered a nearby tent and inside was an elf in a trance. Thrall figured out that a pair of magical earrings she was wearing were responsible for her state, so he removed them, freeing her from Tome’s spell.

Jastra tells the heroes that she was forced to build and activate the portals by Tome. The seer himself was a little further up the reservoir killing another minotaur and letting its blood pool into the water.

Tome admits that there was a small probability that the heroes would make it this far. The heroes learned that he was poisoning the water supply with a ritual that would cause minotaurs who drank from it to transform into the monstrous versions they just fought.

The heroes had waited a long time to face Tome, so they dispensed with the conversation and moved into attack. The fight was challenging because just when a minotaur was about to be dispatched another would infect it with some tainted mixture that would bring it back in a more monstrous form.

Eventually Tome fell and before he died he told the heroes that he and the spirit walker Bhenkadra hear the same voice.



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