Slaves of Sargon

Session 4: The Enemy of My Enemy...

Is another enemy

The heroes arrive in Bastion just after a Minotaur force led by Champion Vadenark sacked the Butcher hideout. Rimar Domine and many others are captured. Only Ben Vorius and Marlyn Redstreet remain.

The heroes heal the injured Marlyn and encourage him to remain near Bastion so that he can alert the other Butchers of what transpired when they return. They then pursue Vadenark in hopes of rescuing their comrades.

While tracking Vadenark Ben and Bhenkadra engage in a conversation about whether the Spirit Walker’s visions can be trusted. Bhenkadra proves his claims when he predicts the group was about to be set upon by Minotaur riders. Armed with the foreknowledge of the incoming enemy the group sets a trap, successfully weakening what could otherwise be an overpowering force. Despite their victory, Riza is wounded but is healed by the Spirit Walker. What is more surprising is that the Minotaurs had a prisoner with them of an unknown race.

Her name is Ansama Oudes and she claims to be a drow, an Elven dweller of the Underdark. She tells the heroes that a great war is taking place below the surface between the Dark Dwarves and everyone else. Those who do not bow the knee to the dwarves are killed. She escaped to the surface where she was quickly taken captive by the Minotaurs. She has already learned to hate the Minotaurs and accompanies the heroes until she decides her next steps.

Eventually the heroes lay eyes on Hanshin, the Minotaur outpost where Rimar and the other Butchers were taken. It is heavily guarded with little cover to mask an approach. The group takes a lot of time coming up with a plan, shooting down many ideas that are too risky, before settling on one that may be the riskiest of all.

Leira would create an illusion of a Minotaur Lord and Riza would pretend to serve as its attendant, speaking on the Lord’s behalf. The others would be bound as captives and lead to the outpost’s gate as a delivery of new slaves. The Spirit-Walker said they just needed to gain entrance to the outpost and the rest would work itself out, so the group had no further plans outside of getting through the gate.

The plan works well enough to get the adventurers through the gate, but then everything starts to fall apart. The illusion is led to far from Leira and starts to dissipate. Riza is separated from the group for a one on one with Vadenark himself. The Minotaur is shrewd and as he realizes the ruse the outpost comes under attack by the Dark Dwarves.

There are too many of the underdark denizens and Vadenark offers an unexpected alliance. If the humans join in the battle to defend the outpost of Hanshin and succeed, he will free them and furthermore will speak to the Emperor about whether it is honorable to keep humans as slaves.

The dwarves are accompanied by spiders which excel at climbing the outpost’s walls to attack the defenders. It’s a large-scale fight, but together, the Minotaurs and Humans defeat the invaders.

With the recognition that the Dark Dwarves represent a huge threat to both races, Vadenark and Rimar decide to form a temporary alliance. They devise a plan to use the moonstones to lure the dwarves to Hanshin where explosives will be planted throughout the outpost. Once the dwarves move in to retrieve the magic rocks, they and their precious stones will be destroyed.

The heroes are sent back to Sargon City to recover the stones and bring them to Hanshin. Rimar also requests that they extract a gladiator slave known as Carter who the Butcher leader believes holds important Minotaur secrets.

Furthermore, Bhenkadra warns the heroes that a Minotaur with a similar future-vision ability to himself is in the employ of House Minato and is a deadly threat. He advises the heroes to find and kill the Minotaur seer.



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