Harvek was born with a voice of pure melodious clarity. Such a bounty offered promise of a life above that of the other slaves. He serves Kinrose, a house famous for its riotous feasts, overflowing with wine and rife with violence. Important to this rancor is the role of the slave minstrels – these musical talents play the role of both jester and entertainment – dogs who perform tricks, and are kicked when they displease.

Harvek was ignorant to the kicking. He knew only of the escape from manual labor, and the promise of untended flagons of wine and scraps of choice meat. The reality was harsh – he should have guessed the reason why so many minstrels seemed to disappear. Unsatisfactory performers were tossed in the arena, and few survived. In that, they yielded
the entertainment they previously failed to provide.

Harvek, too, seemed destined for his fate. Yet somehow, he continued to survive. His musical talents were great, yes, but it was more than that. His songs carried more power than they ought, redirecting the ire of his masters and calming violent brawls.

One day Yorus, great-horn of Kinrose, awoke in a rage. Nightmares filled his sleep: horrors incomprehensible, and a fear that drove him to shame. His violent rampage was only stopped by the clear notes of Harvek, whose words not only soothed him, but lulled him into quiet sleep.

Henceforth, Harvek enjoyed a mighty privilege among the slaves – he was now a special pet, so he was safe for the arena. The minotaurs, Yorus included, continue to eagerly taunt and tease him as the low mongrel they thought he was. But the surety of his life granted Harvek the opportunity to look just a little higher than his current state, and rebellion was brewing…


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