Rimar Domine

Captain in the Red Butchers


Rimar Domine commands a small group of soldiers in the Red Butchers. He leads them into raids and skirmishes against the minotaur empire of Sargon.

Domine is a capable and pragmatic man. He does not allow his emotions to get the better of him, and knows when he is outmatched. He is also familiar with military strategy. These characteristics have served him well in the war against the minotaurs. Many Red Butchers allow their hatred of the minotaurs to drive them into unwise decisions, but not Rimar. He does not allow hatred or sentiment to get in the way of what must be done.

The most capable fighter in Rimar’s force is the archer Malcer. Rimar is perhaps the only person who commands Malcer’s respect. He recognizes Malcer’s talent, and ignores his unruliness when it does not threaten the mission.

Rimar Domine

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