Riza Telathariel

The loyal bodyguard of a Minotaur noble who struggles to hide her Elven ancestry.


Riza is a tall, beautiful and imposing warrior with unshakable optimism and courage, though somewhat lacking in good sense. She keeps her dark brown hair cut short to keep it out of the way; her eyes, also dark, show flashes of deep green in the right light.

She is usually friendly and sociable, but extremely deadly and focused when threatened. She is extraordinarily loyal to those close to her, and considers it her duty to protect them from harm.


Riza has been a slave of the Minotaurs for most of her life, having been taken from a village in the Silvergrass when she was a child. She has faithfully served her owner, a Minotaur noble named Jinayo, head of House Akaza, first as his personal assistant and later, after a failed assassination attempt, as his bodyguard. Ever since the attack, Jinayo has trusted her enough to allow her to carry a sword within his estate, though she still has to surrender it before going anywhere else in Sargon.

She has formed a close friendship with Jinayo’s youngest daughter, Nuola, whom he dotes upon. However, she knows that this friendship will not last, as she cannot hide her Elven ancestry forever, and has begun attempting to contact the Red Butchers in hopes that they may help her find a way out of Sargon.

Riza Telathariel

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