A spy for the Red Butchers with the gift of magic


Race: Half-elf
Age: 15
Class: Sorcerer
Sorcerous Origin: Draconic Bloodline (blue lightening…not to be confused with blue steel, which Thrall wants nothing to do with)
Background: Spy (criminal variant)
Personality Traits: The first thing i do in a new place is locate valuables or where they could be hidden; I am slow to trust, but I attempt to hide even my distrust from others; I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong
Ideal: Freedom: Chains are meant to be broken, as are those that forge them
Bond (adapted slighlty): I was forced to kill someone I love because I was weak. When I am strong enough, the minotaur will pay for this misdeed.


Thrall was born into slavery. His mother was an elven enchantress who suffered severe head trauma and was captured by the minotaur. His father was a a wretch of a man: a murderer, a coward, and a rapist. The minotaur found it amusing to water down his mothers elven blood by having them share a prison cell. When Thrall was six, his minotaur captors found it amusing to force the boy to kill his own mother. When he used the same dagger to stab his father and a pair of guards only moments later, all but two of his minotaur captors found that amusing as well.

For a reward, he was allowed to keep the blade and given the job as a page (a lighter job that meant a basic education and a slightly longer lifespan than the average slave). Thrall serves as an assistant to Orso, an envoy of House Azu. This unique position grants Thrall access to information about many of the minotaur houses. Thrall continues to live the life of a slave, despite being recruited by the Butchers at age nine. For nearly six years he has lived amongst his enemies, feeding information to the butchers without being killed or compromised. At the young age of fifteen, he is one of the butchers most senior operatives.

Thrall keeps another secret hidden from his captors. The day of his mother’s death was also the rebirth of a spark of magic within his blood, a magic even older than that of the elves. The blood of the dragon, long dormant in his ancestors, had returned. Practicing this gift in secret, Thrall longs for the time when he can unleash his power upon his enemies.


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