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  • Orso

    Envoy to House [[Azu]] and former owner of Thrall. Activity log: Session 1: Orso was the target of an assassination attempt at House [[Kinrose]]. The attempt was foiled by the PCs. During the encounter, his slave Thrall escaped.

  • Jinayo

    Head of House [[Akaza]] Activity log Session 1: Was present at House Kinrose for business meeting where [[Orso]] was the target of an assassination. Business meeting was in response to news that House [[Minato]] had discovered moonstones in their …

  • Yorus

    The affable and fun-loving head of House [[Kinrose]] Activity Log: Session 1: Hosted business meeting/party where guest [[Orso]] was the target of an assassination attempt. The meeting about Minato's discovery of moonstones was cut short during the …

  • Thrall

    Thrall was born into slavery. His mother was an elven enchantress who suffered severe head trauma and was captured by the minotaur. His father was a a wretch of a man: a murderer, a coward, and a rapist. The minotaur found it amusing to water down his …

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