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  • Ben Vorius

    Ben Vorius, sometimes referred to as Big Ben, is an expert hunter and faithful soldier in Rimar's [[Red Butchers]]. Activity log: Session 1: Took the PCs hunting. The group was set upon by a pack of panthers. The heroes vanquished the predators …

  • Northcutt

    A man of few words, Northcutt is an expert horseman in Rimar's Red Butchers. Activity log: Session 1: Northcutt drove the getaway garbage wagon as he helped extract the PCs from Sargon. He traveled with the group to Minato's Mine.

  • Invana Elginnith

    A powerful healer, Invana is a welcome addition to Rimar's Red Butchers. Activity log Session 1: Invana traveled with the group to Minato's Mines. She was called upon to restore Thrall when he was slain by troglodytes in the dungeon.

  • Rimar Domine

    Rimar Domine is the leader of a band of Red Butchers operating to the south and east of [[Sargon]]. His group specializes in espionage and slave extraction. Rimar is a brilliant tactician and leader. His soldiers, including Malcer, Leira, [[Ben Vorius]], …

  • Hammon Steelpick

    Hammon is a member of [[Rimar Domine]]'s band of Red Butchers. Like most Dwarves, he despises the Minotaurs and he joined the Butchers in the hopes that he could weaken the Minotaur Empire before they turned their sights on his mountain home. Session 3 …

  • Marlyn Redstreet

    Marlyn is Bastion's caretaker and trusted friend of [[Rimar Domine]]. He is an older man who does not speak of his past or why he's involved with the Butchers. Rimar seems to be the only one who knows his story. Session 4: Marlyn's wounds from the …

  • Zarina Orizon

    A freed slave who once was owned by House Hagenzaki where she personally attended to the wife of Utaemon. She is now a member of Rimar's Red Butchers.

  • Vice

    A tiefling on the run from the Inaulian Empire, Vice has joined forces with Rimar's Red Butchers.

  • Malcer

    Malcer is a young human member of the [[Red Butchers]]. He grew up as a slave in the minotaur empire of [[Sargon]]. After escaping, he eagerly joined the resistance group. No one knows much else about Malcer's past, since he doesn't talk about it. He has …

  • Rimar Domine

    Rimar Domine commands a small group of soldiers in the [[Red Butchers]]. He leads them into raids and skirmishes against the minotaur empire of [[Sargon]]. Domine is a capable and pragmatic man. He does not allow his emotions to get the better of him, …

  • Leira, Lady of Many Faces

    She assumed the name Leira, after the goddess of illusion. Her real name is unknown to all but herself. Leira, an Inaulian con artist, grew up under the tutelage of a renowned charlatan and thief. Her foster mother and tutor in the arts of disguise and …

  • Thrall

    Thrall was born into slavery. His mother was an elven enchantress who suffered severe head trauma and was captured by the minotaur. His father was a a wretch of a man: a murderer, a coward, and a rapist. The minotaur found it amusing to water down his …

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