House Azu is one of the few houses that nearly fell apart and found a way to re-establish themselves. At first House Azu competed with House Hagenzaki in shipbuilding, but Hagenzaki sabotaged Azu’s efforts and stole their contracts. Soon there wasn’t a Minotaur in Sargon looking to build ships with anyone but Hagenzaki.

Around that same time Azu began dabbling in selling slaves. Soon, this business exploded and Azu sent expeditions across the continent to acquire humans wherever they could, including the nearby plainsmen of Silvergrass. So hungry for gold was Azu, that they would knowingly sell Half-Elves into slavery, a detestable act in Sargon.

Now Azu competes with House Toru in the selling of slaves, but Azu is the more successful of the two. They are a ruthless house to this day, willing to cut corners, lie, and commit other sins to make a little gold. The other houses look down on Azu for their departure from the Minotaur’s values of honor.

House Azu is led by a young unscrupulous Minotaur named Razan. Their banner features a crescent moon.


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