Ben Vorius

Ben Vorius, sometimes referred to as Big Ben, is an expert hunter and faithful soldier in Rimar’s Red Butchers.

Activity log:
Session 1: Took the PCs hunting. The group was set upon by a pack of panthers. The heroes vanquished the predators earning Ben’s respect. Ben traveled with the group to the Minato Mines.

Session 3: The heroes return to find Bastion a blaze due to a Minotaur ambush. Only Ben Vorius, who was hunting, remains, the others having been killed or kidnapped. He tells the heroes what’s happened and the heroes make plans to free their fellow Butchers.

Session 4: Ben reveals his doubts about the abilities of Bhenkadra. After a demonstration from the Spirit Walker he eventually gives the man some credit. It seems Ben is blaming himself for what happened at Bastion and it has turned his mood sour.

Ben Vorius

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