House Minato is the largest and most historic house in the Empire. Minato claims that Sargonnus himself founded their house, and as such, their banner includes a menacing Minotaur skull to represent Sargonnus.

Minato made their wealth through the refining of metals, and the manufacturing of metal products ranging from weapons to armor, to construction and shipbuilding.

Recently Minato has opened the Empire’s first mining operations in the Bardum Mountains. This endeavor proves to be very lucrative for House Minato, but has drawn the ire of the Dwarves and the rival houses who envy Minato’s riches.

House Minato is led by Satoru, a ruthless Minotaur who would (and some rumor has) kill members of other Houses as well as those in his own family who may go astray to keep the gold pouring into their coffers.


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