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PCs can be either slaves in the Minotaur empire or members of a band of freedom fighters dedicated to freeing the slaves. Not every race is playable in this campaign and slaves and freedom fighters both have race restrictions (for the sake of the storyline).

Freedom fighters can be humans, wood elves, half-elves, dragonborn, tiefling, hill or mountain dwarf or halfling.
Class restrictions: can only be rogue, fighter, bard or ranger.

Slaves can only be humans, half-elves, dragonborn or tiefling (Minotaurs do not tolerate the other races, even as slaves).
No class restrictions

The freedom fighters call themselves the Red Butchers and their cause has seriously shifted in the last five years. They still claim to want to free the slaves, but their true drive now is to cripple the Minotaur empire. Because of this shift, the Red Butchers have become more of a group of bandits, comprised of rogues, fighters and rangers.
Freedom fighter PC themes

Slaves can be any class. Depending on their expertise, they serve the Empire in specific ways. A cleric may help treat Minotaur warriors returning from battle. Barbarians may impress the Minotaurs with their strength and fight in the arena for the Empire’s entertainment. PCs of high intelligence may serve in the Archives and PCs with high charisma may serve as personal attendants to the Great Houses of Sargon.
More slave themes.

PC Options

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