Rimar Domine

Rimar Domine is the leader of a band of Red Butchers operating to the south and east of Sargon. His group specializes in espionage and slave extraction. Rimar is a brilliant tactician and leader. His soldiers, including Malcer, Leira, Ben Vorius, Invana Elginnith, and Hammon Steelpick are fiercely loyal to him.

Session 1: Rimar orders Malcer and Leira to go into Sargon and extract two slaves, Thrall and Riza. He also wants them to find out why leaders of multiple Minotaur houses are holding secret meetings. Upon their return he orders the Butchers to raid a new mine rumored to have struck moonstone, a precious resource.

Session 2: With an army of feral dark dwarves on their heels, Thrall requests Rimar allow him to ride to Sargon. Thrall doesn’t have time to explain his intentions, but Rimar shows trust in the young man and allows him to depart. He then issues orders to his Butchers to warn their neighboring allies. He gives special orders to the companions. He wants them to warn the human plainsmen of Silvergrass of the dark dwarven army and convince them to lend their Spirit Walker Bhenkadra to the cause.

Session 3: The heroes return from Silvergrass to Bastion to find the Butcher hideout sacked. They see a band of Minotaurs led by Vadenark depart with surviving Butchers as prisoners, including Rimar.

Rimar Domine

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