Escaped Slave and Red Butcher


Malcer is a young human member of the Red Butchers. He grew up as a slave in the minotaur empire of Sargon. After escaping, he eagerly joined the resistance group. No one knows much else about Malcer’s past, since he doesn’t talk about it. He has carved out a niche in the Butchers as a skilled marksman.

When Malcer is not stalking the minotaurs and their allies, he is a brash and boisterous man, quick to anger and violence, and quick to forget and move on once a quarrel has ended. He listens to his captain in the Red Butchers, and not to many others. He wears a necklace with two minotaur ears on it. As a slave, Malcer hoped to forge weapons someday, but he was only used for physical labor. He retains his interest in weapons, and is a self-proclaimed weapons enthusiast. (Even if he doesn’t know much more than the average warrior.)

Malcer is part of a small group of Red Butchers led by Rimar Domine. Together they stage raids on Sargon, being careful not to get caught in a battle with impossible odds. Rimar’s calm leadership and tactical mind has led to many successful missions. This, and that Rimar is able to handle Malcer’s outbursts, means that Rimar is perhaps the only person that Malcer listens to. Malcer will drop a fight or argument when Rimar tells him to. (Sometimes not right away.) Unlike many of the other Red Butchers, Rimar sees Malcer as more than a dangerous hothead. He took Malcer under his wing soon after the young man’s escape from Sargon, and helped mold him into the dangerous marksman he is today.

Malcer is a descendant of the Akarians that were captured long ago. He was a slave in House Minato. His mother died when he was young, and his father tended to blame his son for his plentiful problems.

Unlike many other former slaves, Malcer is not interested in rescuing other slaves, he is only interested in killing minotaurs.

Personality Traits: I blow up at the slightest insult. I bluntly say what other people are hinting.
Ideal: I am a free spirit-no one tells me what to do.
Bonds: I’m loyal to my captain, Rimar Domine, first, everything else second.
Flaws: Violence is my answer to almost anything.
Criminal Occupation: Hired Killer


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